Theories of motivation

Researchers have developed a number of theories to explain motivation, and each theory contributes to a better understanding of motivation. In this module, you have read about drive reduction and arousal theory, behavioral and social-cognitive theories, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In this activity, you will write a 3-5 page essay that discusses different theories […]

Data Exchange in health care

Write a formal paper on the Health Promotion Model and Hans Selye’s Stress Theory. Use essay format for your paper including: a running head, title page, and reference(s) according to APA format. The body of the paper should be 2-3 pages. The paper will address the following: i. State each theory in your own words. […]

The Role of Fit

Select a small, medium, or large organization you would like to work for and explain why you would be a good fit there (person–organization fit). For example, you can search for great organizations to work for using search engines or the best places to work list:,19.htm (Links to an external site.) What would […]


Immigration has become a very important issue around the world and especially here in the U.S. Some workers arrive legally through government immigration policies, including the World Trade Organization (WTO). Some workers arrive through unofficial migration. With that as a background, address and analyze the following: Select two countries and describe their immigration process and […]

Sustainable Development

Find a good article on an issue related to sustainable development and sustainability and do the following: Summarize the article in ½ to 1 page. Conduct some online searches to find out the extent of this problem in the world today and discuss this problem from a global perspective in ½ to 1 page. Reference […]

Argument related to individuality and community

As streaming services and digital media becomes more popular, there seems to be a shift to leased ownership, where individuals do not own media. consider streaming services like Netflix or Spotify. furthermore, such leases might influence communal ownership and how libraries allow for the sharing of materials. what problems do you foresee with the current […]

Personality and self-concept

Provide an initial self-reflection that discusses your own strengths as well as areas you feel you may need to improve. You will consider how these aspects of your personality and self-concept will allow you to improve your skills in a future leadership role. Strengths: What aspects of your personality and self-concept serve as specific strengths […]

The Innovation Race

As you read through the first couple of chapters of The Innovation Race, you will find it is a brave new world for future business success! Innovation is king! As such: Write a Reflection of Chapters 1-2 (Innovation Race) (4-6 pages PLUS completed checklists): How do you relate to this perspective? When you consider the […]

Involuntary Group Members

Involuntary members have been ordered to attend a group in exchange for some reward. Many times, this is a result of judicial system intervention. Often, these members are not interested in participating and getting to know others. The clinical social worker must understand the potential issues or problems that arise within a group of involuntary […]