Legalization of marijuana

Should Marijuana Use Be Legalized In All States? 3rd Premise (Reason in Support of the Pro Side of the Argument w/Example or Evidence) Refutation to the 3rd Premise(From someone from the Con Side) 3rd Premise – Con Side of Argument w/Reason & Evidence Refutation to 3rd Premise (From someone from the Pro Side) Conclusion: Final […]

The concept of ‘value-adding

One concept you have been introduced to is the concept of ‘value-adding.’ Associated with value-adding is the concept of value proposition. How are both of these necessary for a firm to be successful in its marketing strategy? How might these lead to ethical situations within marketing practices? Include in your discussion post, personal observations as […]

Quality employee training and development

Explain the need for quality employee training and development Instructions: Write a short (500 words or fewer) memo to the board of trustees that describes why you believe the organization should triple its investment in training and development this year. Requirements: Memo describes how the healthcare organization can use training and development to improve employee […]

What I Learnt From Interviewing

Post your reflection and analysis on what you learned about interviewing. Include in your reflection and analysis: At least two things you would do differently and why Something new and surprising that you learned A reflection about the value of interviewing as a data collection tool Sample Solution

Human resources management/ compensation and benefits

You are a consultant working for a company that provides strategy and HR consulting to the healthcare industry.Your client group includes community-based healthcare facilities such as Urgent Care and other healthcare clinics. Most of these organizations follow a corporate level strategy focused on providing patients with fast, reliable service.Patients want to trust in the care […]

Human sexuality

Gender-based stereotypes are presented through the mass media. Locate an article, cartoon, or advertisement that conveys a gender message. Analyze the message by answering the following questions. Also, please attach your media or share the media’s url address. What is the message the media is trying to convey? What examples are used to convey this […]


Not all carcinogens are mutagens. For this assignment, compare and contrast a carcinogen that is a mutagen to a carcinogen that is not a mutagen. Find at least four peer-reviewed journal articles published within the last 7 years that discuss the carcinogens and cancer that each causes. Compare the means of exposure of each chemical […]

How the value chain works within an organizational setting

Provide an empirical example of how the value chain works within an organizational setting. Provide an empirical example of how data, information, and knowledge have transformed an organization. Review a journal article related to the Technology Acceptance Model. Summarize the article by identifying the problem being addressed, along with the results of the study. Review […]

TechLine on the discrimination issues

Betty is a female production line worker at TechLine. She is a single mother who is seven months pregnant with her fourth child. TechLine is considering moving Betty from the production line to office work. The move would eliminate Betty’s chance to make overtime pay. Advise TechLine on the discrimination issues involved. Sample Solution