Medical Ethics-bioethics

Assignment 4

Writing Assignment

Instructions:After reading the Clinical Laboratory Science Journal bioethics articles, develop an ethical case study. Your case study can be taken from a situation you have been a part of or had related to you by a co-worker. If a situation of this nature is not available, you may choose from the following topics:

Genetic testing of children for adult disorders that there are no cures when family history is indicated (ie, Huntington Disease)
Nadya Suleman Case – “Octomom”, excessive implantation of embryos
Child born with ambiguous genitalia and parents must assign gender
Be sure to explore the ethical dilemmas from multiple perspectives. Explain the perspectives from all sides of the possible dilemmas. It is not necessary to include the philosophical precedence for the arguments which you pose, as was done in the required article readings.

Adhere to the guidelines found in the syllabus:

· Free from plagiarism. Be sure to use proper sentence structure and correct grammar and spelling in your posts.

· Postings must beyour own words; it is not permissible to “cut and paste” from other source

· 400 words limit

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